Le Menu Pass’Plat

*First course*

Mixed green salad, cured ham, warm blue cheese Cromesquis


Egg  baked  with cream, Mushrooms, Toasted bread


Crunchy Butternut, Ricotta cheese, Crispy Bacon


Home made duck liver pâté, toast, onion chutney

(add 8€)

*Second course*

Hake filet with Citronnella broth,  Fresh made Linguine pasta from ”La Sicilia d’Oro”


Chicken breast roasted on the skin stuffed with bleu cheese, Polenta fries


Fisherman stew, Cider sauce, seasonals vegetables

(add 4€)


Beef Flank Steak, Red Wine sauce, french fries or vegetables

(add 5€)

*Third course*

Cheeses or dessert

 25 €



Le Midi

For Lunch Monday through Friday

du Lundi au Vendredi (Sauf jours fériés)


* Plat du jour 13 €

Dish of the day


* Formule Express 15.50€

Two dishes choice

(entrée ou plat + dessert)

starter or dish of the day + dessert


*Formule Complète 17 €

3 couses meal

starter + dish of the day + dessert


Le Samedi Menu Brunch

Saturday Brunch except Hollydays

(Tous les samedi sauf jours fériés)

3 courses meal

starter + dish of the day + dessert

19 €


Le Pass’Plat

2 Place De La Gare

42600 Montbrison

06 59 31 47 86

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